Adames story

Born in Panama in the 70’s, I settled in Miami, Florida.... It was obvious, I was very creatively talented.

In the 90’s, I created a portfolio of my artistic talent which I presented to the International Fine Arts College that then excepted me as a student.

I studied Computer Animation plus Graphics design for three years which I thoroughly embraced, enjoyed and excelled at.

Photogrpahy came naturally as an expression and outlet which contributed in a major way to my now passion for design.

At this point I met Walter Holmes a renowned British/International Designer whom became my mentor. He guided me creatively and spiritually with effective consistency to this day.

Through his teaching and constant encouragement, I became aware of how to focus on seeing and documenting life through my lens. Now, through this experience I see and view life's details creatively.

Currently I have completed my first book on Fine Art Architecture which is to be published.

In this book I focused on design features that inspired the Architect, rather than the building. This unique approach was very welled received and appreciated by most of the Architects featured in my book.

As Mies Van Der Rose quotes “Les is More”.,